The ultimate paradise. 3 Places you should definitely visit at “Zoo Paradise Yagiyama”

The ultimate paradise. 3 Places you should definitely visit at “Zoo Paradise Yagiyama”

If we are talking about “Yagiyama Zoo”, then everyone and anyone that lives in the Touhoku region know it as one of the best tourist locations within Touhoku. During Golden week that occurs in May, tourists from all around Japan come to visit.

From 2017 onwards, “Yagiyama Zoo” was renamed to “Zoo Paradise Yagiyama”.

In this article I would like to introduce 3 places or things you should see within “Zoo Paradise Yagiyama”.

① “Zoo Favorites” Red panda and the “Mischief loving” Japanese macaque

Within Zoo Paradise Yakiyama one of the especially energetic and lively places full of people is the thick furred and with cute round eyes red panda corner. Whether young or old, male or female, many people are fascinated by the red pandas. The red panda corner was especially energetic and full of people.

Directly across from there, in the hilly monkey enclosure, taking the gaze of particularly younger boys, werethe Japanese macaques.

In this enclosure there were not only larger, adult monkeys but also various other sizes including smaller monkeys and even babies.

You are able to see many different ages of monkeys playing in various different ways, so you will never get bored of watching them.

②The super appealing Africa Park

“Africa Park” is just a little while away from the entrance to the zoo, and has a lot of larger animals living together such as elephants, giraffes and rhinoceroses.

Although you’re supposed to be in Sendai, Japan, before you know it, it can feel like you’ve been warped to the African safari.

If you make your way to the safari at around 1pm, you can experience the African elephants being fed. I would definitely recommend trying to experience this.

③Exciting, thrilling reptile area

Quite close to the African park, being raised, are the reptiles. The reptiles which make me remember the times of running around a mountain as a young boy, are really exciting and a treasure to males.

Feeling stimulated yet calm, being able to forget about time, this was my favorite place out of them all.


Above are the 3 places you should visit in “Zoo Paradise Yagiyama”.
Of course, other than the things and places I have introduced this time, there are many other animals being raised in “Zoo Paradise Yagiyama”.

For people who love animals, or even for people who don’t, there will be no issue having fun. I would highly recommend visiting as it is definitely a “Zoo Paradise.”


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