Chinese people who like Japanese sake suggests Akita sake

Chinese people who like Japanese sake suggests Akita sake

Akita is not only famous for beautiful ladies, but also known for delicious rice. Today I will  introduce the dry sake in Akita.

【Kariho】 Special junmaishu (sake made without added alcohol or sugar)・natural yeast Junnmai extremely dry




Has the balamce of clearness with rich flavor.   The first impression was refreshing  smell and taste. At the middle in the proccess of  drinking it come with a strong impact. It is  a easy dry sake in the category of  sake meter value plus 12.

【Umakaramannsaku】 Flavored dry junmaishu


The flavor has rich taste and with a sour flavor in the dryness in sake meter value plus 10. The first mouthful is refreshing, later the rich flavor and dryness with a strong impact. You can enjoy the flavor of good rice.

【Shirataki】EXTREMELY Dry+15 Junnmaishu


You can smell the alcohlo during have a drink of it. At the bigening it appeals the dryness. The feeling of drink traveling your throat is very smooth. The after taste is like the dryness spending  in the mouth making the tongue numb. Very impressing.

If you like dry sake come to Akita! There more extremely dry sake than the ones above.


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