Japan major Ramen:Kitakata Ramen

Japan major Ramen:Kitakata Ramen

Japan major Ramen:Kitakata Ramen

Fukushima Kitakata city is the start of Kitakata ramen and it is one of the major remen in Japan with Sapporo ramen, hakata ramen. This time I went to Kitakata city to introduce the real Kitakata ramen.


Kitakata ramen has a very light soy source taste. Mixing with tonkotsu, chicken carcass, seafood ingredient makes the original taste of every shop.
Also the noodle is thick using Takasui noodle is the base and can enjoy the smoothness of the noodles.

「Kitakata ramen: Raimu」


I went to Raimu where it holds 6 ramen restaurant. the time I went was pasted noon, but it was full with people.

「The No.1 Kitakata ramen soup topped with slices of roasted pork」

I ordered the No.1 ramen Kitakata ramen soup topped with slices of roasted pork for 860 yen. The soup and the noodle mix good together making his delicious.

The slices of roasted pork was very soft and melted in the mouth.The making of the taste takes 3 days and the taste is very rich.


For extra I ordered Gyoza for 300 yen. Very juicy and delicious.



When you come to Tohoku area try out Kitakata ramen.
Raimu has restaurants located in Aizuwakamatsushi and Kouriyama(Fukushima).


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