Tasting the ultimate beef tongue even from your home! Rikyu’s “Beef tongue lunch box”

Tasting the ultimate beef tongue even from your home! Rikyu’s “Beef tongue lunch box”

During this report I would like to introduce a food that you can’t miss if you’re visiting Sendai, that is “Beef tongue”

Usually you eat this food at a specialty store, and there is always people lining up outside of the popular stores, but I think there are also a lot of people who think lining up for such as food is a little…?

To those people, I would like to recommend the Beef tongue lunch box!
You can enjoy the amazing taste of the food relaxingly from your own home.

Sendai’s beef tongue

Has anyone reading this ever ate this food before I wonder?

When talking about Sendai’s beef tongue, it has been covered by a lot of different media outlets, and is known throughout the country making it one of Sendai’s most famous cuisines.

Not just ordering it as a side-dish at a yakiniku store but going to a specialized store and only eating beef tongue.
That is Sendai style.

There are a lot of specialized stores for this in Sendai, but the popular ones usually have lines going out the door during lunch time and dinner time.
If you plan to go here on a trip, I recommend setting aside quite a lot of time to get into one of these stores.

How to select the Beef tongue lunch box


“I can’t find the time to line up…” “I have children so it’s a little difficult…”
But I want to try and eat beef tongue!
For those people, I recommend the beef tongue lunch box.

You’re able to buy it from the store, over the phone or on the internet, you just need to tell them a time when you want to pick it up and then go and get it from the store.
This time I ate the popular store Rikyu’s beef tongue lunch box in my home.

Rikyu’s beef tongue lunch box


Beef tongue lunch box (Soup included)
Lunch: 1,480 yen (Before tax) / Dinner: 1,650 yen (Before tax)

When opening the lid,
-Beef tongue, 3 strips 6 cuts
-Miso soup
is what lay before my eyes.

All of these food items quality is of course the same as the ones that you can eat at the store itself!

You can enjoy the taste of a specialty store from the comfort of your own home! Which made me feel very luxurious.
Even when away from home, at meetings, or when doing hanami, this is a great thing to order.

Also, they’re being sold as a lunch box at Sendai station, so you’re able to have a taste of Sendai whilst you’re travelling.


When talking about Sendai’s gourmet food this is something you can’t afford to miss.
With great thickness but tender meat that’s easy to chew, this is a craftsmanship of food.

When you visit Sendai, please try and eat some beef tongue!


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