Tohoku Regions Traditional Crafts

Tohoku Regions Traditional Crafts

Not many people are aware of the traditional lacquer ware of the Tohoku region. This time we will introduce this traditional craft.

Tohoku Kogei Workshops

Tohoku Kogei is a representative for all the smaller lacquerware makers in the Sendai region. Various types of products are created, such as bowls, cups and even pens. The coloring of these products and the craftsmanship put into them are something to behold.

1.Lacquerware born in Sendai

When looking at this type of lacquerware it is like looking at the night sky as the color changes depending on the light source.

2.Modern designs

Traditional designs are created using a technique that involves silver dust and different dyes to produce different coloring effects. However, more modern designs are being created that fit the same type of traditional feeling but with more contemporary designs.

3.Focus and passion

Now, these artisans are collaborating with anime and manga as well to create unique designs that will appeal to people across the world. The purpose of this is to create products that appeal to tourists, such as the “Touch Classic” series, as part of the “Cool Japan” initiative.


Lacquerware is an art that has a history that has preceded even 100 years. However, using that traditional design, modern artisans are changing the way that these lacquerware products have been traditionally thought about by creating modern fusions of contemporary design and traditional aesthetics. Please come to Sendai and visit the Tohoku Kogei workshops for yourself!

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