Perfect for winter! Miyagi specialty hotpot!

Perfect for winter! Miyagi specialty hotpot!

Winter has finally reached us here in Miyagi, and across the country people like to enjoy this time snuggled under kotatsu, eating mikan and having awesome hotpot for dinner. The hotpot is a local cuisine all over Japan and of course there are regional variations on the common theme! We decided to explain the Miyagi specialty variation.

【In the first place what is “seri”?】

“Seri” is a vegetable that is famous all over the country but Miyagi might be the only area to use in a hotpot.
Traditionally, this doesn’t grow in European or western countries, so the texture and taste might be a bit unusual for visitors to Japan. However, you should definitely try it.


【Do we call a hotpot with seri a “Seri Pot”?】
Obviously, just putting vegetables doesn’t immediately make it a hot pot. The Miyagi style winter hotpot also includes a unique type of meat.
Duck meat! It makes this hotpot absolutely delicious.


As I think we explained, making hotpot is quite simple. So why not overcome the cold this winter and experience Miyagi hot pot for yourself!

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