The most beautiful views in Sendaimiyagi

The most beautiful views in Sendaimiyagi


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From downtown Sendai, 20 minutes on the subway will land you in Yagiyama. Since Yagiyama is situated on the top of large mountains it offers a stunning view of the city and surrounding areas, especially at night.

2.Miyazawa Bridge

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Miyazawa Bridge, located only 2 minutes walking away from Kawaramachi subway station, is the location of a floating lantern festival in August. The brilliant blue river contrasts well with the green of Sendai in the summer. Definitely one of the prettiest scenes in the city.


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We’ve already written about the beautiful nature of the Akiu area, but we just had to add this to our list. A popular spot with photographers in Sendai, this area is just stunning to visit.

These are just our choices for the prettiest places in Sendai and there are many more as well. We invite you to come visit for yourself and find your own beautiful location in Sendai!


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