Went to eat delicious Sendai meat and beer!

Went to eat delicious  Sendai meat and beer!

In Japan we say August 29 Yakiniku no Hi it means the day for meat!! Today I will introduce a restaurant named BaliBali in Sendai.


We were escorted to a one room nicely.
When we entered the room the set to eat was already prepared.


We have ordered a course and first the drink and appetizer came.

After that the salad, Korean Nori and kimchi.


Next is the main dish meat.
The first one is the upper tongue of cow.
Putting pepper is the way to eat at BaliBali.


Next is raost and sparerib
Eating with Wasabi syoyuu is good at this restruant. The taste is very smooth and sweetness is perfect.


Next is fatty pork and cow hormone.
At this time the alcohol comes making me drunkenness.


At the end of the course you can choose from reimen, Karubi men, karubikuppa for your last dish.
I selected reimen. You can select the spice to your favorites .


Gochisoumadesu=Thanking for providing this wonderful meal to the makers,life of animals and to every one, thing making this meal.
It is 5000 JPY with a driking course as a reasonable price.

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