Sneak peak the legendary Eel restaurant “Chikutei”

Sneak peak the legendary Eel restaurant “Chikutei”

I went to Japanese traditional restaurant in Sendai to try the eels and loach dishes which has been inherited since Edo era. You can tell its popularity from the long queue people make in front of the shop. Today we will introduce you this place “Chikutei” which has carried their special taste since 1980.


You can see the chief’s skills through the glass. While you see them grill and dip the eel into the sauce your stomach will start rumbling.


This time we booked for our seats beforehand and ordered their special Japanese cuisine. The atmosphere and the old Japanese nterior inside also makes us feel like we jumped back to Edo era.

Within a while, the table got full with their seasonal and local dishes.


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Their signature dish is the eel. The thick soft ell and their secret sauce matches perfectly.


Their another signature dish is their Yanagawa pot. Unfortunately, this hot pot was not included in our courses, but we trusted our stomach and ordered additionally. We enjoyed their loach which soaked with the light soup.


Sendai’s famous “Chiku Tei” is a famous restaurant where adults secretly go to treat theimelves. We recommend you to book beforehand since this shop is always full.



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